Smith Honda CR750 “amazing”

When Rob was racing my Cr race bike in the championships, I had the odd oportunity to test out our latest developments on track before race day, But I never rode hard and was always worried I might crash or damage bike and mess up our chances of getting championship points, So saved bike for Rob to do the business so to speak.

But now things are different and The CRMC invited the bike back to take part in the feature demo at donington historic festival.

So there I was with all the racing legends, Sammy Miller, Steve Parish etc etc. Also some very exotic machinary, MV Augusta, Norton Rotary, RG, TZ.   So with no championship to worry about I thought I’d have a proper go on my winning machine.

I must say even with the mild tuned spare engine currently fitted the bike was absolutely amazing, I never really got into using those special brakes to the extent that Rob did, every time I used them I realised i’d brake far too early. I had a couple of small issues once going on to grass out of chicane, and getting caught out overtaking and getting squeezed onto kerb exiting redgate by a slower rider.

But I think the bike is far more capable than Me, when I used to ride her, I remember grinding exhausts and engine every corner, But now with the good-bits developed parts also that I am older and wiser, only my knee slider was able to be ground away.

Fantastic day,   fantastic company,  fantastic bike.   Remember you can have one too, CR1 continuation builds are available, CR2 is in rolling chassis form, CR3 is sold, but you can put deposit on CR4 or CR5.


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