Whats going on in 2020

Well we are well into new year already, I am well behind with the accounts as well as my stuff for customers, and now my machine shop is surrounded by water and its still rising with all this rain we are having.  I have stood all the bikes up on blocks so hopefully I wont have to worry now.

Finally I had the low profile generator cover running with starter motor and low inertia generator. its really good, So pleased its gone so well.

I don’t think I will be going on dragons den with this unique product though, I reckon my market is somewhat small, as I don’t see many cr’s out there actually racing, and needing it,  and if you are a serious racer I cant see you wanting to drag around a starter motor.

But I’ve done it and will be available to order.

I am also working on a lightweight rear hub and disc brake assembly,   I ran a magnesium version on the CR-S when we raced at goodwood and save over half the weight of a stock drum braked rear wheel assy. and that’s a lot!!!!!    But that was a special quick release version that had special spindle and swing arm to go with the special frame.

The one I am working on now is an alloy casting which can be adapted to take small cush drive and tiny disc, and all fitting to stock swing arm.

CRS is almost back together,  Just finished trying to shut a very loud works exhaust on the blue bike I built last year, and I have a customer sending me loads of original factory parts to build a real one no holds barred,  so watch this space.

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