So we are all being affected by this worldwide virus.

In the U.K. we are on lockdown with businesses being closed and a lot of people working from home if at all possible.

Our main workshop is situated in an old Dutch Barn at the foot of the South Downs in the beautiful English countryside, Its a really nice place to be as many of you who have visited will agree, so its not a bad place to be to keep isolated during this period.  Also the machine shop where all the messy stuff gets done is in the next village, and the office where I do all this website stuff is situated down the road at my Home.

So hopefully you can understand I am not always able to answer phone as I am all over the place doing stuff.  But on my own keeping isolated.

I am still able to send stuff out as the delivery service are doing their best to keep supply chains going etc.    recent delivery’s to Portugal, Denmark, USA, and of course good old blighty have all arrived safely without hitch and so the customers have been able to carry on with their bike projects while isolating etc.

I am not receiving visitors currently as I do not want to encourage people to leave their homes and travel unnecessarily.

So here is a pic of what we could have been doing, One of my favourites, looks like I am really “on it” going through redgate at donnington. (I wasn’t)

Keep Safe Everyone.

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