I always wanted to supply my own exhausts, based on what I learnt from doing our own for racing.

But, its a very competitive world out there, and it seemed to me that most customers would not pay the extra for an exhaust that worked well, it just had to look and sound good.

I had a bike in here for accident repair this month (oct), and it had a carpy’s yosh copy exhaust on it,  I had to import a replacement and on close scrutiny I could see he had paid close scrutiny to the right area’s,  and having spoken to him for hours on the phone I could tell his heart was really into these honda’s.

So I have some in here now to offer.

If you want cheap I have cheap,  if you are happy to pay a little more for something thats had a bit of thought put into it try Carpy’s.

remember you can import yourself but dont forget duty and vat will be added to your order.

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