Christmas Message 2020

First of all I hope I find you all well, as i sit here thinking about this year, This Covid thing seems to be coming back at us again, But if we all keep away from each other surely it cant get us.

I think you must all be finding more time to work on your bikes, due to covid I guess, as my order book is crammed and I am finding it difficult juggling work and keeping everyone happy.

Fuel and oil tanks have always been popular, But its now becoming difficult to keep the short lead time, I am trying to get to a stage where I have 1 set on the shelf, but as soon as I do, they get sold.

The generator kit with starter facility also is still proving difficult to manage as I cannot get the windings and rotor at reasonable cost and the supplier is not easy to deal with either. never returns my calls and does’nt seem to want to deal with me, But I am working towards getting 5 in stock and when I have I will be posting here.

I have now got drawings and models of most of the works parts and so I can now produce nearly all of the original parts for the CR racing Honda. Fuel cap, correct fairing brackets, the correct steel work to weld into frame, rear catch tank, 4 bolt fork legs, its all available from me made to order.

I also have the Goodwood bike back together, so hoping to do a bit of a shoot with both the original championship bike and the new one next year, hopefully some good shots of them sweeping through the corners etc.

I also have been through my excessive stock of spares,  and now realise I have too much,  So I have managed to put together a couple of stock full build K2 honda’s, one is basically built with mostly all new parts, the other is a sympathetic restore with new paint and refreshed. both will be available to purchase in the new year. if anybody interested give me a call.

So Hopefully next year we can get back to normal,  if we do I think I will organse a ride out in the summer for all my customers and CB750 nutters starting at the workshop and taking in some of the nice roads and stopping places around sussex,  nothing too extreme, just a trundle, maybe involving a charity or something. if you are keen fill out this form to let me know.

CB750 'Anoraks' Ride Out 2021

Give me some details to indicate your interest. Hopefully july time if covid restrictions are lifted etc
  • Bike
  • Name
  • email

Thats all for now,   remember I am here when you drag your bikes out after winter, so service and tune up stuff always in stock.



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