Reminiscing Reims

Still Here !!!!!

So going through my hard drive and found loads of stuff I got up to before loosing my hair etc.

This Pic here reminded me of the lovely people I used to meet over in europe.  3 or 4 times a year i used to take a few bikes over to an event,  and I tell you there a quite a few over there and they seem to be very keen on their old bikes I can tell you.

This Pic is myself on CR1 over ten year ago now blasting down the main straight at le circuit de geaux on the outskirts of reims.  its a lovely place steeped in history all the greats raced there, and now its been listed as a place of historical interest so the buildings that were getting into a state of disrepair are gradually being restored to normal,  part of the old circuit has been taken over by the main motorway into reims, but this special event they managed to close one half of the motorway and run a proper event once more Jean alesi brought one of the mercedes silver arrows to demonstrate and I had just completed a restoration of one of Peter Darvills endurance Honda’s and the family allowed me to take the bike out to the event as it took part in one of the last races held at the circuit, So it was a bit special for me thats for sure.

Its good to look back at things like this just to remind yourself of the good times and helps us hang on in there as soon we can once again get back to what we enjoy doing, be that old bike racing or dancing or whatever it is that you like doing.

Keep safe,  see you soon hopefully  (with a mask)

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