Rotting Tanks & fuel sealer

So this Covid thing seems to improving, I can hear quite a few bikes out now down the back straight near the workshop giving it some gas!!!!.

One common theme here currently is, The suns come out and these old bikes dont like being left through winter, ethenol in the fuel nowadays can play havoc with your carbs.

I have had a load of bikes through here with running problems all associated with the carbs not being cleaned properly, or just blocked with debris.  the fuel tank not clean, and no filters in fuel line.  If left the fuel goes off leaving waxy deposits in the carbs quite quickly.

So, I would suggest when leaving bike for a few months, drain the tank, drain the carbs, or add fuel stabiliser run the bike before leaving.

Also dumping your carbs in an ultrasonic tank for 10mins is not really “cleaning the carbs”.

Also I’ve seen a lot of problems with fuel tanks being “sealed” with sealer.  Ive not seen any good results using this stuff.

Anyway, that was turning into a bit of a rant apologies!!!!

So workshop Saturday mornings will begin again now, as we can keep our distancing and be outside. always give me a call let me know you are coming etc.


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