So a track day at brands (favourite of mine), then a day out with the XR41 and Becks (at Sywell Classic), Then finishing up mincing about in my gentlemans attire taking part in ride of the Ruperts.

So my Ducati S2r was treated to some tyres and with lights taped up I went and had a go,  very quickly it was very apparent that suspension was to soft and basically everything started hitting the ground,  and I almost hit the ground too when some fast red thing on slicks lost it right in front of me and all i could see was the heels of his boots and a load of plastic bits flying about, really shock me I can tell you.

Then my new assistant Becky,  came along and met the classic suzuki guys at this years Sywell Classic, She had a blast up the runway on the Heron Suzuki XR41 bike and I could tell she really enjoyed the opportunity.  Actually a really nice day without all the pressure and mucking about that surrounds a race meeting, quite relaxing.

Then I took the old bevel drive ducati out on the Ruperts ride,   It was nice to be back on the Beast, but really did’nt like the stop start pace on the road, So I peeled off and had a real blast down some side roads, reminded me of sweeping bends at Spa where I enjoyed riding her years ago.

all in all a really good 3 days of bike stuff,  great,


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