Donington Historic 2023

So our regular trip to Donington

This time a first as both my Honda’s were racing together.

I was really hoping that Rob would show me that dropping back from the pack a bit at Goodwood was merely a blip,  and that he still was as good at riding my bikes as he has ever been.

So getting a 1st and 2nd places in F750 definately showed me that. No doubt there then !!!!!!

As for the bikes they both performed brilliantly all weekend,

This year Becks (tipsy94) came and supported me, I cant really cope with everything going on in paddock and think about prepping bike and watching out for my races etc, so having someone looking out for you and having bike ready is a must, She handled it all so well,

she booked me into the wheatcroft trophy race, a 12 lap all comers race I never expected to last the distance but amazingly it was the best race I had all weekend managing to complete the race and battling with a ducati 750 the whole time finally beating it on 2nd to last lap. A real win for me, and I wasnt knackered this time.


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