Goodwood Members Meeting 81MM

This years meeting as always was a great weekend, Its always a real privilege to be invited and this year we definitely had a few problems to solve to say the least. read on!!!!!!!!!

As always the dilemma when Goodwood ask to nominate a rider, whether to put Rob on the bike and chase a good result, or to race myself and enjoy taking part was a real hard decision to make. But having ridden the bike back in September and knowing it was in real good form, I felt that to do it all justice Rob ought to give it a go.

Having made some minor changes to chassis at Robs request, and Rob also stripped engine for me, purely to check condition and to re-fresh some hardware etc. I certainly thought we had a good opportunity to do very well.

And so a real high watching the leaderboard in qualifying watching the CR-S working its way up to the front row of grid with a fastest time for F750 class. Its the best qualifying result for us at Goodwood, and it definitely looked like a sure chance of a good finish.

And then came the low!!!!!. last lap the engine dropped a cylinder and we had a mashed up piston.  what a real downer I was all set for packing up but Robs tenacity came through and with a top end strip down in the paddock while I did a quick drive home to get a piston and gaskets he had the engine back and running by 11pm in the evening. quite an achievement to say the least.

So because Rob was unable to race on the Saturday, His grid position was way back down the field at P26 so had a real task on hand to get close to the front. With a blistering start he cut his way through the field and was running at P7 within 4 laps, Unfortunately a faller caused the race to be red flagged and the race was not re-started.

So another great weekend and if only / what if etc.    timings show that the bike is now very capable in the right hands, Rob did an amazing job getting himself out there against all odds.

To add I now have a limited batch of blanks, and you can now purchase my race cam that we use in the cr-s as well as all the other special bits that I have in my race engine. As always sling me an email and I will assist etc.





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