This seems to be a bit of a regular event for us,  Its a long trip but I seem to have latched on to a real nice bunch of people with a like minded approach.

I took the CR-S re-freshed from its goodwood thrash.   Kate was taking her newly built cb500, Becks on her ZX7, Graham on his D&M 500, Peter with a brace of Honda twins, and Harvey relatively new to this bike stuff on his perfect Suzuki gsxr750.

I must admit I have never been so knackered,  I think as the years pile on you have to really work at the fitness thing, Jumping on a bike and expecting to be able to do it justice with zero personal prep is definately not the right thing to do.

Mind you, I never really had that awful feeling, when the red flag goes out and your held at standstill and all you can see is the green paint on the track and the crumpled mess of a close friends machine with a paramedic car rushing to assist.I couldnt see Becks anywhere, my heart was in my mouth, I’m a bit of a soppy old bugger at heart.

But she was fine,  seemed quite upset because she’d broken her fingernail, and in a jiffy was back in the paddock getting me to take pics of her scuffed leathers and scabby elbow for social media,

I thoroughly recomend having a go,  come along next year the classic bike trackday crew provide an excellent way to enjoy your bike without the hassle,  there is a group that will suit anyone, from complete novice to fast experts, and bikes are restricted to post classic models, so no moto gp race bikes


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