CB750 Generator Cover


Machined aluminium engine cover replicates original Honda factory racing part but has been redesigned to fit a standard engine without having to machine back crankshaft. This design reduces the width of engine substantially thus allowing better ground clearance when cornering etc. Use without starter or generator as is, Or now available with low inertia generator and starter clutch adaptor which allows use of starter and keeps a generator function

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This product was designed specifically to reduce the width of the left side of the Honda CB750 Engine.

On our Race Bike we continually hit this side of the engine when cornering so much that we machined the standard casing down, but this was not enough.

We copied the style of the works race item which is no longer available, but with ours you dont need to cut the end of crankshaft off.

The covers have now been redesigned and can accommodate a generator and starter motor sprag clutch if you need it.

So you can order just a cover and run constant loss.

OR a full kit consisting of

1 x cnc billet cover

1 x sprag clutch adaptor

1 x low inertia rotor

1 x generator winding

1 x reg/rectifier


Also please bear in mind this generator is derived from the racing low inertia generator, which makes its power above 3500 rpm, not a problem on a race track.  a road bike built for trundling about doing a lot of stopping and starting this system could struggle to manage drain on battery.

Currently having supply issues and so this system is pre-order only now.




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