This lovely little 750 has been with me now for a few years,  I use it as a run around and is a very honest buy.

Its not restored as I felt that this one really did’nt need a full blown shiney resto, and actually I think its better like this.

Unfortunately the stock exhaust was too far gone and the fuel tank and side panels really did need attention, So its had a stainless yosh style (delkavic) fitted, and a full re-spray by my special paint man and I can say  (like on the american custom tv shows) it really pops!!!

Its done 29k miles,  It was imported from the USA by the original owner

Remember these early bikes are the very best,  which people are only just starting to realise, the K0 are vastly overated and are over the top as far as prices go.  The later K1 & K2  were actually a best of the bunch, all the engine issues were more or less sorted by then and it still had the good looks of the earlier bikes. and prices are far more affordable, and set to rise as far as I can see.

I cant keep all my bikes and its time to thin out a bit.

If you are more of a purist, and want stock exhaust, then I have brand new exhausts in stock,  But this is a very nice bike to own as is with no issues whatsoever. please call to view etc

I could go on,  you know the normal routine sayings in ad’s

1 careful lady vicars wife owner,  (maybe)

never raced or rallied

1st to see will buy

genuine reason for sale

one of dick emery’s collection

James may touched it once

David Beckham wanted it but posh said no,


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