CB750 Oil Service Kit


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15/50 Semi-Synthetic Oil,    Filter    &    O Ring seal.

This oil highly recomended by us for the sohc honda,

Air cooled engines tend to give oils a hard time, the temperatures created can be a lot higher than a modern water cooled engine, so the demands put upon the oil to maintain its consistency and protect the engine are quite high. We tried expensive fully synthetic grades  and mineral based old fashioned 20/50, and found that they all broke down eventually, only the real expensive 10/60 fully synthetic stuff performed well, but just took longer to deteriorate.

The best thing you can do is change the oil regularily, in fact this is something Honda themselves recommend anyway.

So keeping costs down this oil is a reasonable price, and being semi synthetic tends to put up with the heat a bit better than mineral, and as long as you keep an eye on consistency and change once it gets a bit dark and watery then you will be fine.

It is specially formulated for motorcycles with wet clutches so no problem with slippage etc.

Phone / email me to add spark plugs, and air filter, & pay by bank transfer and save post.



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