CLUTCH KIT (OE Replacement)





These Kits comprise of good grade parts from EBC or Gecko, The plates are sourced from Germany, so still good quality parts,  I have had good results in stock engines and tuned engines in customers road bikes.

These kits are model specific, not like the barnet kit which covers all which I also sell,   So I will need to know your engine number and model of CB750 as there are different designs of clutch to accomodate.

A good budget kit certainly worth the saving over others, especially if you are using on the road and not doing racing starts and drag racing every day, (use kevlar for that) recomended on stock and mildly tuned machines.

Kit Items:-

friction plates (model specific)   Depending on availability EBC / Gecko/ TRW  will be supplied,  if you have a preference please indicate on order

stock steels

uprated springs.


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