We used these gearsets in our first race engines,

Why  ????

Well most gears I had (and I had a lot) came from used engines, bear in mind most of these engines have been around the block to say the least. and new gears were expensive if I could source some.

Plus The engagement dogs (pins) basically consist of a round pin which engages into a slot,  on secondhand gears these pins are usually rounded which means the gear is likely to jump out of selection.

Ken at cycle x takes a secondhand set of gears and machines the pin and the corresponding slot so that the rounding is removed, also the machining is done at an angle thus creating an undercut, this means the pin pulls itself into gear thus preventing slipping out of gear etc.

Don’t forget you need bearings and circlips. which I can also supply.  please call

UPDATE !!!!!!!   These are now purchased directly for order.  Remember you can buy these direct from cycle X but dont forget you will have to pay import duty and vat on the invoice value, so do your sums first. I usually have parts coming in from cycle x every 6 months or so. so might be worth getting your other parts through me.




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