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Being the owner of some special seventies Classics inevitably I have had to sort out their engines.

because of my Honda Racing people assume I just do Honda’s, but before racing the Honda my chosen steed was Ducati, then there is the kawasaki engined Bimota, my laverda Monty , Suzuki Gs engined XR41.

All Engines built by myself.

So yes I can sort out your engine,   If its not running right or its gone bang, give me a call, I can give you an idea of what can be done.

I used several suppliers of cams pistons chains and headwork over the last few years. and having built some nice motors now, I think I can safely say that once I know exactly what sort of riding you are likely to do I can sort out a good spec that doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank.

Also if you just cant get your old classic to run, bring it in for an appraisal,  normally I charge £30 for a mornings chat and quick check over the fundamental stuff, and then I can give you an outline of what the bike needs and rough costs to get it right, If you leave the bike to have further work carried out the £30 gets discounted off the bill at the end.


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