Honda CB750 Racing Type “Heritage Kit”



Years ago when learning about the CR750 and building my first machine there were a lot of special parts the factory made for these bikes. I managed to get original drawings and information to be able to manufacture these parts, but decided that to build a competitive machine in current day classic classes many of the factory parts would be of no use.  so my oil tank, fairing, footpegs, quick release fairing brackets, forks, brakes, etc were all designed to win races and for easy replacement if the bike crashed. they were never intended to replicate true CR parts.

So my Heritage kit consists of most of the parts required to build a very close facsimile of the original works machines,

fuel cap casting

foot peg castings

rearset pressings (weld on)

brake lever casting

front fairing bracket

dash plate

side fairing brackets

lower weld on fairing bracket

frame pressings weld on

oil tank brackets weld on

breather tank (under seat)

Heritage Fairing perfect reproduction of works fairing

Also I will take your frame and create a rolling chassis using all these parts together with frame strengthening around headstock.

please use contact form or email info@good-bits,  and we can begin your very special machine



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