Honda CR750 Aluminium Fuel Tank


honda cr750 Fuel tank



The Honda CR750 fuel tank and Honda CR750 oil tank

The period correct examples were only available from the master himself and we were very lucky to get hold of an original one very recently with some other original works items.

So we are in a good place as far as tooling up and getting them made again.

bear in mind that these are the only tanks out there that follow the original design,  complete with the reverse chevron style internal baffling and the correct depth anti syphoning sump.

the breather tower is also a pressed alloy dome exactly as the originals,   and the formed forward mounting cleats let into the inner tunnel need to be designed to take the total load under braking, many tanks fail in this area. (we learnt this the hard way)

These tanks are offered as pre – order and are part of our heritage range. we normally would supply these with spigot for the correct rsc filler cap which we sell separately,  we can fit spigot for other caps, for example the more common monza style.

we also do 2 types of oil tank, period correct original with the mounts all in the correct place, and we make all the pressings to weld into the frame to fit the tank. alternatively we can make the oil tank with improved capacity, and with fittings to fit the stock frame,  but please indicate year and which seat you are using as there are some significant differences.

its all in the detail, we’ve been doing this cr thing a while now with some real good products.    get in touch to discuss email or phone.




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