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Brand new close ratio gearbox with undercut stronger engagement dogs.  This is not a reground old box it is all new completely different design  race proven.

One of the last things we finished developing in our penultimate year of winning was the gearbox.

we found the standard box was limited in lifespan, due to the fact that all the gearboxes we used were all from secondhand engines, plus the peg style dog engagement became rounded very quickly and engagement would become unreliable, with missed changes becoming more frequent.

I also felt that we might benifit from a close ratio cluster as well as a modern style engagement design.

So we tried various gearbox’s,  and ratio’s,  we found that the original works CR ratio’s did not work for us, bearing in mind this factory box was designed with endurance races in mind where a lightning start off the grid was not as important.  (works 1st was like starting in 2nd gear)

We ended up with a new range of ratios,  for our formula 750 races. also the selector dogs follow modern design criteria and so the old unreliable honda peg and slot is no longer used.

Box comes with new shafts, and new gears,  ready assembled to go straight in.

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