This is the best way to go to upgrade your front end whilst retaining a period look.

Basically the regulations for classic racing stipulate that Honda 750’s must run period forks and brakes, but internals are free. So I ended up using honda AP racing calipers. but making these fit standard CB forks is not particularily easy,  due to the lack of mounting points. brackets are available but they rely on the mudguard stay lug, which was never intended to take braking loads.

This design uses period honda fork bottom, which is machined to represent the works CR solution with 4 bolt clamps etc. and with modified lugs to accept AP calipers, using our cnc mounting brackets.

The internal valving is removed and cartridge emulators are fitted with new springs, with new stanchions and seals

The std 300mm discs are retained but spacers are supplied, with new spindle.

new aluminium yokes are manufactured with new stem, which gives reduced wheelbase and improved geometry.

All of this was developed during our 3 years racing and winning, if used with modern carbon pads produces the absolute best in performance, (frame strengthening should be considered if racing)

Due to the complex nature of all these modified and non standard bits and pieces, I would expect the customer to have a basic mechanical ability as the forks will need to be filled with oil and set up on the bike etc.  also if you are unable to supply your front wheel, we cannot supply the spacers needed for discs and wheel, to get everything aligned correctly.

pricing varies depending on what parts the customer chooses to buy,   for example most of the parts can be purchased elsewhere and some of you like to source your own used parts to keep costs down

Please phone or email for specs and individual pricing,

1 x Top Yoke, new

1 x Bottom Yoke, new

1 x Stem, new

1 x Fork cartridge valve emulator kit. New

1 x pair of uprated springs, new

1 x Wheel spindle , new

2 x wheel spacers,  (speedo drive has to be discarded)

2 x modified customer discs (we can supply )

2 x disc spacers

2 x AP race calipers New

2 x billet aluminium caliper mounting brackets

1 x modified customer forks,  we can supply secondhand forks  for modification

1 x pair of 37mm fork legs New


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