Paddock Stand




Paddock Stand.

So On The Honda Cafe Racers, & CR 750,   You can buy my special bobbins, which are designed to work with this Paddock stand, and they fit into the little recess at the end of swing arm.     Fits most bikes with bobbins, as now adjustable.

Ideally I prefer the one piece paddock stands, But these are a costly item to send abroad etc,  so as a compromise this one is good value still and packs flat for reasonable delivery cost.  If you prefer the Valter-moto 1 piece item then by all means I can get them still.

Designed for bobbin style swing arms, and fit the honda cb750 perfectly.  (using good-bits bobbins)

soft polyurethane wheels not that rubbish plastic, and durable textured black powder coat finish.

If your exhaust covers the swing arm spindle Nut, then this stand will not fit, it will hit the exhaust.



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