PISTON KIT 836CC BIG BORE (Standard Oversize) 69 – 76 cb750 sohc




These pistons are a great upgrade for a stock engine,  or cafe racer.

The mistake a lot of people make is they ask me for a race spec / fast road engine and obviously I oblige. But these old air cooled engines generate a lot of heat and dont like trundling around and sitting there idling,  and when tuned with high compression pistons and hot cam they just become more fussy and generate even more heat, This can lead to idling issues, cooked oil and worse case the pistons pick up on bores.

Its ok if your going to ride it,  but inner city traffic, charity rides and the odd squirt on back roads is not enough.

These pistons are aimed at the custom build or stock bike,  they pep up a stock engine really nice and coupled with an F2 cam or a high lift cam will give improved torque and mid range ideal for normal road conditions, the heat issue is much better as the compression is similar to stock, (8.5 to 9:1) which also means 95 octane pump fuel can be used too.

The added benefit is they are less than half the price of a high compression forged set.

PLEASE NOTE,  these are not always in stock,  as we order a couple of sets at a time, and depending on availability could be 4 weeks delivery.

4 x pistons

4 x sets of rings

4 gudgeon pins and circlips

1 x 836cc head gasket


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