“I want some decent shocks what do you recommend”

This is a regular question I get asked,  Well Rob Wittey the guy that raced my original bike put a lot of effort, with the help of Nitron Shocks to try and come up with a good pair of shocks that actually worked on the race track.

In classic racing we cannot use remote reservoir shocks, they have to look similar (ish) to the shocks used on the original bike,

Robs design worked really well, BUT the cost to recreate this spec is too high for most customers, (we can quote for you if you really want the best)

But YSS shocks technical department in Holland helped me go through their inventory, to give us a shock that ticked all the boxes but came in at a reasonable cost.

They are adjustable for length and rebound and come with a black spring to keep it all looking reasonably classic ish.

These are a different spec to the stock cb750 shock, They are longer than a stock shock, to assist in geometry combined with the 18 inch front wheel and our billet yokes.

See elswhere in shop, stock chrome shock that will be better for a standard bike, or can supply theses at stock length see other listing, or just email me.

Ideal for cafe racers and clubman racing,  Eligible with CRMC.


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