cb750 rear shocks



Full Restorations as well as assisting with customer restorations is another thing I am constantly involved with in the workshop.

To that end I am constantly searching for good used parts or good quality reproductions.

CB750 stock builds cant really use aftermarket shocks because they just don’t look original, one mod is to use the Hagon classic shock and fit some Honda chrome shrouds to give a nod to originality.

But if you want a close copy  then I recommend these fantastic shocks. I have used them on a few resto’s now and they definitely fit the bill. the same as the ones you’d buy from david silver spares so if they are good enough for them etc.

There may be other stuff you need too, so rather than just fill out order form, It might be worth seeing if I can get you everything you need and consolidating post and packing, and seeing what deal I can do for you.  ie wheelbuilding fork refresh etc etc



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