New Chassis for honda CB 750 for racing or cafe racer build.  (see Goodwood video in news items)

One last development for classic racing for us was to create a new frame using better tubing and taking the opportunity to amend geometry slightly.

Design Goals:-

Loose weight  –  The old gas barrel cb750 frame is heavy and needs strengthening which just adds weight. adding silly gussets everywhere might look like it helps.

Geometry  –  Original factory frames had different geometry,    Move engine mass, increase head angle, anti squat etc. in fact everything

Swing Arm  –  Original swing arm flexes

Access  –  removal of head in situ.

So within the constraints of classic racing eligibility the new frame was designed & constructed,   The new bike is now 12 kilo’s lighter and with Rob helping me complete the build in time for Goodwood 77M we were able to run the bike in the Sheene trophy.

Rob put the bike on the front row in qualifying, with no previous experience of circuit and with gearing issues. So a fantastic result.

We have Jig made and can produce new RS frames,    We also went to the trouble of sorting out a better rear end too with QD mag hubs, box section swing arm and lighweight rear disc.

The ultimate CR750 is now available email/phone to discuss.    07980 908071    SERIOUSLY its te best.


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