So you can have your wheels exactly the same as our Smith Honda Cr’s  or we can build you a set of stock wheels with stainless rims and spokes, a lot easier to maintain.   (The stainless rims look just like the old standard cb750 did rim but so much better for durability)

So this is a build cost for 36/40 spoke rims with stainless spokes etc.  1 wheel,


Send us your Hub.   we can give you a cost for re-furb including polishing painting , new bearings etc etc,

or select one of our hubs, the ultralite or stock re-furbished, (we only have honda cb750 in stock)

lightened polished stock hub

polished alloy rim usually 2.15 front and 3.5 rear on our cb750 race bike,  for example,  flanged non flanged.  you choose,

stock chrome rims

stainless steel rims

create an order but choose bank transfer, then dont pay and call to discuss, I can then amend to suit our discussion etc, add postage or other customer requirements


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