Yoshi Style 4-1 Carpy’s Cafe Racers (Black Ceramic Finish)


Carpy’s Yosh exhaust



This system is a really well made four into one system emulating the best available system made back in the day.

If you read my small feature on exhausts elsewhere in the shop, you will know that we tested several systems on my race bike and so we know what is likely to work.

Its tucked in well for racing,  and has that original classic racer look

It is the detail inside this that makes it work,  If you study the internals of cheaper systems you will see why they are cheaper, to keep costs down you have to reduce the labour content, so the pipes are bent chopped and stuck together in weld jigs without any attention paid to sharp protrusions, the collectors can be very short and abrupt and also reduce the flow capability’s of the system.

All the systems we tested, (yes all) needed cutting apart and dressing to get better flow,  they all make the right noise and look nicely welded, But!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Carpenter (Carpy) actually lived here in my village and emigrated to usa and started building cb750 cafe racers, he spent lots of time creating these systems trying to understand why mr Y’s systems worked, he actually came under scrutiny from yoshi usa but eventually they felt that as long as he did not use their name he could carry on manufacture,

Main features

Black Ceramic finish (bare steel also available see other listing)

Bigger bore headers for better flow,

equal length generous radius form

gentle taper pressed collector

all pipes dressed at joins internally to maintain good flow

tapered inlet baffle, (not just an awful db killer that kills power too)

Black heat resistant paint finish,  other finish please email.


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